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Article: The So Magic Sweater Just Got Better

The So Magic Sweater Just Got Better
3/4 sleeve

The So Magic Sweater Just Got Better

Our ever-popular So Magic Sweater has been a Kariella staple for years, and for good reason, too. Featuring dolman sleeves and a high neckline, this sweater is made with the comfiest and stretchiest of all fabrics. Not only that, the So Magic Sweater works for all body types and comes in a multitude of colors that has now grown in number! Plus, the So Magic V-Neck Sweater has also arrived for an even greater selection just for you!

That's right, the So Magic Sweater has gotten even more magical! With all-new shades and a brand new neckline to compliment your constantly evolving tastes and styles, it's the new ordinary that's anything but. So without further ado, let's take a look at what the So Magic Sweater has to offer, which, in case you didn't notice, is a whole heck of a lot!

1. The Original So Magic Sweater

Kariella So Magic Sweater

Our classic and original So Magic Sweater has been our biggest hit for years and years! Featured in nine different colors, you'll have one for every day of the week and then some!

Kariella So Magic Sweater Olive Color

And don't forget the seasons, too! With this baby stocked up in your closet in every number of shade, you'll be rockin' the So Magic look through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter!

Kariella So Magic Sweater Taupe

Featured in the softest of viscose fabrics, this 3/4 inch dolman sleeve sweater comes in two sizes and looks smashing on all body types. Tuck it in like so or wear it open to showcase the curvature of its lower hem. Wear it in its original boat neck style, or do as we have done and cast off one shoulder for a dreamy, sexy look. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this well-loved piece.

So Magic Sweater, $92

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2. The So Magic Sweater II

Kariella So MagicSweater II Olive

Our second featured So Magic style comes in a slightly thinner viscose mix material that's equally as soft as our original So Magic style. This one also features a larger stripe design for a bit of an extra flare.

And like all of our So Magic styles, this one also comes in two sizes. Yours Truly has one of each for a sleek fitted style and an oversized tunic style – because why on earth not, right?

So Magic Sweater II Cream

This baby also boasts a wider boat neckline for an even more daring off-the-shoulder look, should you wish to go that route.

So Nagic Sweater II

The So Magic II comes in four deliciously warm shades to accommodate your every mood and occasion, so there's really no reason to go wrong here.

So Magic Sweater II, $88

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3. The So Magic V Neck

Brand spankin' new and featured in a whopping eight colors, the So Magic V Neck has gained considerable ground in the popularity department, and we think the reason is obvious.

So Magic V Neck Grey

Everything you know and love about our famous sweater just got even better with the option of a v neckline for all those looking to show off their sparkling decolletage. Yours Truly will tell you that this is a favorite feature to be showcased, and the So Magic V Neck does the trick swimmingly.

So Magic V Neck Sweater

With such a vast collection of shades from warm to the ultra cool, every skin tone and every fashion preference will be satisfied with this one dazzling sweater, so stock up now! You won't regret it, we guarantee it.

So Magic V Neck, $92

Shop Here

We hope that if you weren't already in love with the So Magic Sweater and its affiliates before, your are now! Because what's not to love, right?

Check out our website to view the full selection of colors for each style, plus check out more sweater looks for the upcoming cool season ahead.

Until next time, Bellas!

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